TQ’S Favourite Spanish Tapas Restaurant Has A New Menu

Every Aspect of it is Mouth-Watering

Photos by Nick Lee of www.bestoftoronto.net

I was intrigued to see what Aras Azadian at Barsa Taberna‘s 2.0 menu would look like after opening their doors one year and a half ago. Not having travelled to Barcelona or Valencia, for that Spain, I could be gullibly told anything about authentic Spanish cuisine from those regions and believe it. Now, Barsa has captured that element adding a slew of flavours and items from the region to convince those who live there of the new menus authenticity.

Originally, the menu was heavily influenced by global cooking and ingredients: dishes like rack of lamb with pomegranate glaze, grilled octopus with chana masala. Former Chef Smith also featured a rotating paella special with variations on the classic Valencian rice dish. The menu pays tribute to the Nueva Cocina Española movement.

After Chef Smith handed in his notice to depart Barsa, owner Aras Azadian turned to ex-Cava chef Chris McDonald for assistance.

Brilliant move by Aras.

The menu now is night and day with Spanish authenticity a refreshing young chef named Guillermo Herbertson and the over-looking of menu by Chris McDonald. Barsa’s space and room ambiance can now brag that their menu matches the aesthetics and standards – Actually above and beyond expectations in my eyes. 

The menu still has its Curados, Del Mar and Del Campos selections, the now with a lot more on the plate and way more appealing to the palette. 

With great enthusiasm, here are our favourite menu selections we feel you should try. Don’t forget to match these plates with one of the cities best sangria and wine selections. 


Kale Salad with Quince Paste, Roasted Beets,
Marcona Almonds & Sherry Vinaigrette



Seared Sea Scallops with Cuttlefish Stew & Chorizo



Prawns, Octopus, Mussels, Jamón, with Kale & Fennel



Rabbit, Snails with Leeks and Romesco Sauce

BarsaTaberna-BestofToronto-2015-014Barsa Taberna 26 Market Street. Toronto, Canada  (647)-341-3642

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