TQ Auto Bond: The Key Economics In Kia’s 2017 Sportage SX Turbo

Living in the city of Toronto, the economic standards are now requiring the folks to refocus on finances when it comes to wanting to purchase property and perhaps starting a family. Where are you on the scale of assets vs. liabilities and how you manage your monthly budget? Is the perception of looking the roll having a luxury vehicle when the expense of a liability consumes a quarter of your income monthly?

Kia has had the stigma that the manufacturer could not keep up with the market in North America and vehicles are cheaply made. It’s 2017, the auto market margins have shortened and the gaps that use to exist between what is considered luxury and affordable now don’t exist. The price point and monthly expense are vast but comparably, heated seats are heated seats, Bluetooth is Bluetooth, park assistance, and blind cameras are blind cameras.

We aren’t here to convince you that Kia performance is the same as Porsche or Mercedes, even Lexus, moreover, what should be considered priority and smarts when investing in the most expensive city in Canada.

The crossover’s turbocharged four-cylinder engine pushes 240 horsepower and 260 lb-ft (that’s a 59-hp and 85 lb-ft bump over the base model’s naturally aspirated 2.4-liter four) shot our front-drive SX to 60 mph in 6.7 seconds and on to an electronically governed 135 mph. Those numbers best everything in the compact-crossover melee excepting the Subaru Forester 2.0XT.


Step inside and you’ll find a driver-focused interior with high-quality materials. The entire top half of the dash consists of a single form-fitted soft-touch piece, which is unusual in this segment. Its competitors typically have a piece of hard plastic to transition to the windshield, but Kia extends the soft-touch material all the way.

Everything below the infotainment display is hard plastic, but the texture and feel disguise it nicely. The armrests are wrapped in vinyl with padding that makes it comfortable to rest one’s elbows on.

Kia offers the exact same driver assists in the Sportage as the Hyundai Tucson, which includes blind spot monitor (BSM), lane departure warning (LDW), automatic emergency braking (AEB), backup camera and downhill brake control (DBC).

Everything works exactly the same, too. The BSM system has an indicator placed in the mirror that flashes once when a car enters your blind spot. If you have your turn signal on, the flashing speeds up to catch your attention and is joined by audible warnings. It uses radar sensors mounted in the rear bumper to detect cars.

LDW is a passive affair that flashes an indicator in the gauge cluster and sounds an audible warning every time you are near the lane marker or leave the lane. Fortunately, Kia provides three different sensitivity settings that are selectable in the vehicle settings. There’s also a simple off button to the left of the steering wheel.

Everything is life has its place, and if you can afford a luxury vehicle without blinking an eye, then all means go for it – you deserve, but if it’s because you want to keep up with the Jones, Whitfield, or Chang – you might want to rethink that old way of thinking and think outside the box for the longevity of financial gain.

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