TQ Auto Bond: The Bonifide 2016 Ford Edge AWD Titanium

Ford_edge_2016Ford gave the Edge a new face and a new platform for 2015, and while it may look like nothing more than a slight tweak, it was an extensive makeover.

The Edge is now based on the stiffer Fusion platform, gets an additional engine choice, a new trim level and a new rear suspension. The front end now boasts the new face of Ford, a less aggressive six-sided snout and lower profile headlights.

The 315-hp, 350-lb-ft, twin-turbo V-6 for the effortless way it achieves highway speeds and how it deftly teams with the no-tricks all-wheel-drive system to scale obstacles such as our rutted loose gravel hill with ease. Several of us questioned how adept the 2.0-liter would be at these tasks, though the larger Explorer’s 2.3-liter performed well enough to suggest a four-banger Edge might have done OK.

We love the fact that the Edge is loaded with innovation. The navigation system is voice-activated. It will steer itself back into your lane should your attention and path wander and pull into and out of parallel or perpendicular parking spots by itself.

Ford’s SYNC infotainment system is still far from the best of the ilk. SYNC3, coming on 2016 models is a significant improvement. The new front seats are thinner, allowing more room for those behind, but do so without sacrificing comfort or support. Second row occupants will find plenty of head and legroom.

The cargo area is also larger than the old Edge; pull a lever back there and the second-row seatbacks flop down, doubling available space and making an almost flat floor.

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