TQ Auto Bond: Is Ford’s Fiesta Keeping Up To Expectations?

Ford_FiestaSurprise! We have followed through with the request to test drive Ford’s 2016 Fiesta and Focus 1.0 (next weeks TQ Auto Bond).

Most of you who follow our journies know already since 2014 that the Ford Fiesta ST is one of the fun cars to drive in the city. It beeing cause manoeuvres like a cheetah, is extremely fuel efficient, and surprisingly an all around good looking vehicle.

123-hp turbo three-cylinder in a Fiesta is plenty with an upgrade from the base 120-hp four-cylinder—this peppy car is a pleasure to drive. With little torque steer and good traction, you really can use it.

Corners are a hoot. It eats bends with no roll and fine precision. Bumps don’t upset it much either. So much for the speed, what about the fun? For a start, it’s set up so understeer is pretty well a foreign land. And it’s remarkably playable, so if you throw it in on a trailing throttle, or do a lift at the apex, it’ll wag its tail. It’s agile and eager.

The 2016 model comes in two options a sedan and a hatchback. The 2016 model receives some improvements in its body line. At the front, it retains the familiar and elegant signature Ford hexagonal grille which gives it a soft masculine look.

From the back, the 2016 model receives more advanced improvements in terms of deepened body and new headlights that give it a more seductive sporty look.

As for the standard interior, some models of this 2016 Ford will have leather seats and heated front seat to enhance comfort especially for the driver. At the dashboard, this car will have a seven-inch touch screen where most of the features will be controlled from. However, the steering wheel will also have a number of knobs to control some basic features.

This car will be operated using an intelligent key and it will also have a telescopic column. For connectivity it will has a standard USB port and it will be Bluetooth enabled and will have GPS tracking system. For entertainment purposes, there will be an infotainment control knobs which will also be placed on the dashboard and Sony speakers. For safety purposes, this car is expected to have rearview camera and rear parking sensors. There are also enough air bags and also a driver knee air bag as standard.

This competitive pricing will undoubtedly give its competitors a run for their money given the fact that this car is technologically more advanced than many in its segments.

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