The Chef Cartel: Chef Battle

On February 22nd, the first round of The Chef Battle kicks off and yours truly Chad G. Cranston has been chosen to as one of the judges. The live audience includes an eclectic group of food devotees; urban and food scene bloggers, restaurant critics, city beat journalists, media, celebrities, renowned chefs, industry giants from all walks of life.

The Chef Battle is an ongoing series of culinary events that set the stage for chefs to compete in real time to claim food supremacy. The Chef Battle provides a real glimpse at the behind-the-scenes, highly charged environments in which today’s culinary superstars create provocative and innovative plates.  The ‘battles’ expose the talent, intelligence and tenacity of these highly competitive culinary heroes. This, bringing them front and center like warriors to the enthusiastic support of their devotees.

The Chef Battle environment is intense, loud, hectic and truly embodies the fierce and competitive nature of the culinary industry. Center stage is given over to dueling egos and pride, providing these incredibly talented chefs with the opportunity to go head-to-head and compete for ultimate bragging rights and credibility.


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