The #ArtofFusion

Truth be told, most of Ford’s excursions really have nothing to do with the vehicle being promoted. It seems to be the cherry on top, especially when travelling back home after a long day of activities food and drinking cocktails. In life, you will always have decisions to make and paths to take. When living in a big city it’s very easy to get caught up in the hoop-la of luxury living or even living beyond means.

If it ever comes times to buy a vehicle, the choice in today’s modern day shouldn’t be name brand or exclusivity, it should be something the resides in the middle without losing integrity or ego.

Arriving mid-morning to discover that Ford is launch Energi Platinum, Hybrid Titanium, SE 1.5 FWD, and Titanium AWD Fusion’s in 2017 turned out to be more than intriguing.

The Ford Fusion Hybrid has a 118-hp electric motor helps the 141-hp 2.0-liter Atkinson-cycle four-cylinder to provide quiet, deliberate motivation. Electric-only operation supposedly can propel the Fusion at speeds up to 85 mph, but you’d have to be extremely gentle with the accelerator to see it happen, since the gasoline engine usually kicks on during any normal acceleration.

Standard on the Fusion Titanium, 10-way heated power driver and front passenger seats with lumbar control ensure top-notch comfort, no matter how long the journey. Also available in the Fusion Titanium are cooled front seats.

Most impressive to me? Ford made a Fusion model that’s on PED’s. The Sport model is the attention-getter. It runs a 2.7-liter EcoBoost V6 paired with a specially tuned six-speed automatic transmission. It’s 325 hp. Exciting times!

I love driving. I figured the people at Ford set me up to drive one of the faster Ford Fusions’ to our destination – The McMichael Museum/Gallery where the Group Of Seven created some of North America’s best art and lay to rest. The McMichael subsequently is celebrating 50 years of illustrious art. Arriving at the gallery we were greeted by one of the hosts who gave an interesting perspective of the Group of Seven history.

Speaking for all us, we now have a newly found respect for artists who paint. We sat for 2.5 hours and painted our version of the Group of Seven. I must admit, I killed it!

The day was interesting and very well needed. Being able to drive up north with the ease of the Fusion makes you forget how long the week was. You forget that you are driving a Ford and not a high-end vehicle (though it drives and feels like you are!). The For Fusion is a good choice vehicle. What I recommend? Take one for a test drive. You can be assured that if you are thinking luxury sedan, The 2017 Ford Fusion will not let you down.

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