Match Your Fashion With The Asus Experience!

In this fashion-driven world, not only is it important to keep your dress code top notch, it’s also pivotal to add the finishing touch in being sharply dressed by matching your accessories and tech gadgets with your clothing.

Asus has the coolest Smartphone and SmartWatch in the industry that matches well-designed products, quality manufactured and overall the best-looking product out of all the competition in the market.

Our favourite is the highly touted  ASUS ZenWatch 3 1.39″ Smartwatch. The ZenWatch is meticulously fashioned and conveniently connected. It is an elegant and intelligent wearable that tracks your activity and keeps you in the loop. The price range is about $300 plus tax, which does just as much as the other Smartwatch’s including messages and voice command while looking stylish. You can literally wear this smartwatch dressed up in a suit and no one would bat an eye at it.

If you are looking to be unique with your next smartphone purchase, Take a look at the Asus ZenFone 3 64GB Smartphone, at $379 plus tax, it boasts the PixelMaster 3.0 camera with optical and electronic image stabilization captures 16MP stills. This will make all your YouTube, Insta Snaps and SnapChat posts look amazing with the 4K video.

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