Kevin Magnussen magic for Montréal

image005After an inspired intermediate tire choice by Kevin Magnussen in Monaco didn’t bear the fruits it should have, thanks to the intervention of a rival driver, our Dane looks to Montréal to show what he has up his sleeves.

Q1: What do you think of the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve?
Magnussen: It’s a cool circuit with a semi-street track vibe to it. It’s quite challenging in its nature with some rapid chicanes and big braking zones. Overall it’s a quite enjoyable circuit to drive and it usually offers a good race.

Q2: Any favourites from previous Canadian Grands Prix?
Magnussen: The 2011 race really sticks in my mind where my old teammate Jenson Button took the victory. That was pretty cool! When you look back there have been plenty of good races there. I was in the points when I raced there in 2014. Let’s hope for a classic this year.

Q3: Have you watched the Monaco Grand Prix?
Magnussen: Unfortunately I watched some of the race live from the team motorhome after I retired which certainly wasn’t my plan! I haven’t watched the first half as I know what happened to me. We did have potential to move forward and possibly get into the points so it was an opportunity missed. It was a frustrating after the contact so I prefer to look forward to Canada and beyond.

Q4: What’s been keeping you busy in preparation for Canada?
Magnussen: Nothing unusual, and to be honest it’s almost a routine between races. I’ve been training. I’ve been in Enstone to spend time with my engineers and in the sim, and I also get some rest and relaxation. 

Q5: What are your hopes for the Canadian Grand Prix?
Magnussen: It’s a more power sensitive track than Monaco so the latest power unit should have more effect there. Hopefully we have more time to get the set-up dialed-in and make use of the upgrades for the car. If we have a good weekend certainly we want to be fighting for points.

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