Here’s The End Of These Fashion Trends this Summer

MC Hammer/ Drop Crotch Is Gone

We love a bit of Rick Owens, but the mass-market jogger-pant-drop-crotch hybrid that was everywhere a few years ago was a real abomination. The price of drop-crotch styles is plummeting, and the ones out there at the minute are getting heavily discounted. Pour one out.

Conversely, guys are investing heavily in cropped pants. “Demand has increased for cropped, slim trousers, and prices have been upped by 10% on average this year. Both jeans and chino styles are seeing movement within the mass market.” Hardly surprising, really. A cropped, slim-fit trouser is much easier — and much less visually offensive — than those of the drop-crotched variety.

No More All-Black

Nothing new here: color has been returning to the streetwear palette for ages now, and that wave has spilled over onto the mainstream. “Monochrome apparel has seen no growth this year, with 28% already discounted compared to just 16% for neutral tones.” Guess the all-black-everything look has finally — and officially — died a death…for now.

“Neutrals including sandy, stone hues have seen prices increase by a whopping 35% on average this year, not to mention a 14% increase on arrivals. Hoodies and tees see the strongest movement in these colors.”

“Pink and khaki are also key colors to watch this year, with pink, in particular seeing strong growth — arrivals are up by 37% from last year.”

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