Goon 2 is Back March 17th


It’s been three years since the Halifax Highlanders clinched a playoff spot and the team is looking very different these days. Although superstar Xavier LaFlamme has returned during a pro lockout, Captain Gord Ogilvey has retired to coaching and long-time loyal Highlanders John Stevenson, Marco Belchior and the Yakovlena brothers are being elbowed aside by a crew of new players lead by the owner’s son, heartless thug Anders Cain.

Noticeably missing from action is Doug Glatt who, sidelined by injuries, is now settling into life as an insurance salesman and expecting his first child with wife Eva. But with the Highlanders spiraling down in rank and new owner Hyrum Cain threatening to clean house, Doug feels the call to return to the ice. Ready to do whatever necessary, Doug dons his skates once more, finding an unlikely training partner in old time rival Ross “The Boss” Rhea. Rhea, now retired from hockey, has been making a living competing in the ‘Bruised & Battered’ league – in a game played on ice with no hockey, just fighting. Doug works hard training with Rhea. When Bruised & Battered mounts a special event in Halifax, Ross suggests it could be a good opportunity for Doug to get his feet wet in hopes of returning to the Highlanders.

In an unexpected twist, the traditional one-on-one format of Bruised & Battered is abandoned last minute in favour of a spectacular ‘Battle Royale’ – 10 fighters, including Doug and Ross, on the ice together in an all-out bloody battle for last man standing. Doug holds up well, garnering the attention of Hyrum. With the opportunity to rejoin the Highlanders, #69 is back! But tensions quickly mount, with Anders’ volatile reckless style not fitting with Doug’s romantic idea of a code, loyalty and brotherhood. In a winor-lose fight to the playoffs, Hyrum Cain makes some startling decisions to shake up the team, leaving Coach Ronnie Hortense and the Highlanders scrambling to find a way to win. In a spectacular final, adrenaline soaked, blood-stained display of grit, passion and unrivaled loyalty, Doug “The Thug” Glatt must do what he always does best…protect his team. GOON: LAST OF THE ENFORCERS is a high-octane, comedy tribute to the unsung heroes of hockey.

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