Genuine Heath Green + Why It Totally Works


Listen, there are a lot of rubbish products out there that claim the be the modern day version of V8. With over 20 years of living a relatively healthy lifestyle, playing a high level of sports and staying in shape by having a regimented fitness and diet routine, we found our morning blessing. 

The first morning I made a Genuine Health Green + shake, I was sold instantaneously. Not sure if it was a lack of not having the right amount of vitamins to kick off the day, but my energy levels perked right up. The same type sensation you get from coffee but much healthier. In fact, you won’t need coffee if you remain consistent taking Genuine Heath Green +.

Just one serving daily provides a synergistic blend of over 23 plant-based essential nutrients. Highly alkaline-forming and rich in antioxidants, greens+ nourishes and protects your body, increases energy, promotes healthier bones. With zero tolerance for GMO’s, artificial ingredients, corn, yeast, sugar, dairy or animal products, Genuine Health guarantees that potential allergens are absent from their products, so you can remain worry-free. Genuine Health doesn’t make health claims on their products unless it’s been scientifically proven. Their products are tailored to their consumers deepest health complaints and their commitment to scientific research is evident in the results their products provide  – Very Important.

In terms of value, greens+ multi+ features some of the highest quality ingredients you can get. In Canada, a 546g container will set you back a clean $59.99 Canadian dollars.  The ingredients are some of the finest you’ll find in a greens/multi-vitamin. There are other ingredients and herbs such as royal jelly, ginko bilboa, milk thistle, green tea extract, seaweed to name a few. For health enthusiasts or anyone simply looking to add health enhancing herbs in their body without purchasing a plethora of different herbs can find it all in here in adequate dosing. Again, I can attest to higher energy levels, a higher sense of well-being and balance immediately within minutes of ingesting this natural concoction. This fact alone puts this above any multi-vitamin I have used prior to this one. Genuine Health greens + multi + has in fact become my staple for all my nutritional needs. As someone who prides healthy living, this is an essential item in my arsenal against disease, aging and living a long life.

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