Game of Thrones is Winning All The Emmys

The Creative Arts Emmys were held this past weekend, and Game of Thrones cleaned house once again. Game of Thrones has already been one of the most critically acclaimed and culturally popular phenomenons in television history, and this last set of awards has cemented its place as one of the greatest TV shows of all time.

The lauded fantasy series cleaned house at this year’s Creative Emmys by taking home an impressive nine different awards. The season six season finale, Battle of the Bastards, earned four of its own. These awards were for editing, makeup, sound mixing, and visual effects. This means that Game of Thrones now holds the record for the drama with the most Emmy awards in history. It was previously tied at 26 with The West Wing and Hill Street Blues.

All this success is making fans all the more excited for the upcoming seventh season. Season six set an even higher bar for the series so it will definitely have its work cut out for it as we draw ever closer to the dramatic conclusion. Sadly, fans are going to be in for a longer wait than normal, because season seven won’t air until next summer. And to add insult to injury, it’s being shortened to seven episodes as opposed to the usual ten.

22408_18679295525_f39cc1bc70_zAnd fans that were hoping to tide themselves over with a new book will also be sorely disappointed. It was recently revealed that the latest instalment, The Winds of Winter, is delayed once again and will not be available in March. It’s been five long years since A Dance With Dragons was released back in 2011, and author George R.R. Martin has never been known as the most speedy or prolific writer.

It seems as though the only solace that Game of Thrones fans will be able to find this winter will come in the form of games, and even those options are somewhat slim. That being said, there are online titles popular enough to merit mention for various sites where gamers can play simple, casual slots that incorporate their most beloved houses of Westeros. They may not necessarily be the most complex application of the license, but they’re more than enough to keep fans occupied. That’s particularly true as they wait longer than usual for either the book or the new season, whichever finally comes first (probably the latter).

Game of Thrones only keeps getting better, and its performance at the recent award shows serves to further prove that. The series has truly come into its own after no longer being constrained to the pre-written plot of the books. Not unlike a dragon, the show has spread its wings and pursued its own vision, and no one has been happier about this than the fans.

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